Teaneck Library November Art Exhibit – Artwork of Gail G. Slockett

The Teaneck Public Library is proud to exhibit the artwork of Gail G. Slockett during the month of November 2019.

Gail’s interest in art was sparked over 40 years ago when she was a theater production major in college and an aspiring scene painter.  But life had other plans.  In the early 80’s, she married a Teaneck Firefighter and became a stay-at-home mom raising two daughters.  More than 25 years passed before her passion for art was re-ignited.  Gail worked first with pencil, then charcoal and pastels, and finally oils, while also trying her hand at portraits, figures, still life and landscapes.

“I find that what inspires me the most is not so much the subject, as it is the drama that lies within.  Whether it is a compelling story, an intriguing expression, or a beautiful play of light and shadow, I am always looking for that emotional response.”   Her works have won numerous awards and have been exhibited throughout New York City and North Jersey.  Many are in private collections.

“For the past few years I have spent as much time as possible immersing myself in classes and workshops, visiting galleries and museums, learning and absorbing as much as I can in an effort to improve my craft.  The most amazing thing about painting is that you are always learning, evolving, and challenging yourself.  It truly is all about the journey!”

You can see all of Gail’s work on her website at www.ggslockett.com or contact her at ggslockett@gmail.com

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