Documenting COVID-19: Personal Account by Jonathan Greenberg

None of it felt real until suddenly it did – like right out of a movie that nobody signed up for. An orthodox man in New Rochelle got sick after returning from a trip to Florida. It was weird and people took it seriously, but life wasn’t really altered. The mayors and government folks all told us not to change a thing. So we didn’t. Next came the email from shul informing everybody that our own Rabbi was exposed to the virus and now he is in “quarantine,” arguably the most spoken word of 2020 so far. Then came the flurry of positive cases, hospitalizations and first waves of death… then I felt sick. It was mild and I recovered quickly but it was unnerving, knowing that this disease is killing people. Then came the endless news cycles of coulda, woulda, shoulda. I stopped watching all that a while ago because it was making me crazier than any old disease could possibly.

Everything since then has been one long day, broken up into tinier parts. Wake up and pray, help the kids with online school and if it’s nice outside maybe we’ll go out and do something. Things are starting to get a little bit less restrictive, and there’s light at the end of the tunnel, but nothing will ever be the same. Maybe that’s a good thing in the end. And still, losing your job is preferable to losing your health. I’m not so concerned though, I’ll figure it out.

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