April 6 is National Library Workers Day

Teaneck Public Library workers play a critical role in meeting the needs of our community, from helping residents find the perfect book, to hosting educational and lifelong learning events, and answering any questions community members might have. 

April 6 is National Library Workers Day, a time to recognize library professionals for their expertise and commitment to transforming lives and communities through education and lifelong learning.

There are approximately 19 full-time and 25 part-time Teaneck Public Library staff members who help keep Teaneck’s “crown jewel” open and accessible more than 70 hours per week across 7 days of operation.

Our employees tirelessly work to receive book returns, discharge items from patron accounts, return books to the proper shelving locations, answer reference questions, pull hold requests, select new books, process new books to make them ready for residents to borrow, host storytimes and other educational events, process books being delivered to residents from neighboring libraries, deliver books to assisted living facilities and other residents who cannot leave their homes, clean the building from top to bottom, and so much more.

And throughout the Covid pandemic, these responsibilities have only increased, as materials are now required to be quarantined, and staff are developing new solutions like virtual programs, online library card registration, contactless doorside pickup, scheduled pickup of library materials, and extra cleaning and HVAC considerations to make the library and its services safe for all.

To show appreciation for Teaneck Public Library staff and the work they do throughout the year, members of the community are invited to Submit a Star by providing a testimonial about a favorite library employee at http://bit.ly/librarystar. Patrons are welcome to share stories on how library staff have an impact on their lives or community. Each testimonial will be posted in the “Galaxy of Stars” on the NLWD website at ala-apa.org/nlwd to honor library workers. 

The most important asset of any library goes home each night – the library staff.

Timothy Healy (Former President of The New York Public Library, 1989-1992)

With more than 292,000 items borrowed, 15,000 programs attended, and nearly 10,000 questions answered in 2020, Teaneck is one of Bergen County’s busiest public libraries. And Teaneck Public Library wouldn’t be what it is without the passion, professionalism, and hard work of its dedicated staff.

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  1. A million THANKS to all the amazing Teaneck Public Library Staff!! Your hard work is truly appreciated! 💛

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