Code of Conduct

The Teaneck Public Library (the “Library”) welcomes the community to the Library for reading, studying, using library materials and services, participating in library events and programs, and conducting other customary library business. The Library strives to create a welcoming environment conducive to the safe and orderly use of the Library and requests the cooperation of patrons refraining from behavior that disrupts library services. 

To allow all patrons of the Teaneck Public Library to use its facilities to the fullest extent during regularly scheduled hours, the Library Board of Trustee has adopted the following Code of Conduct. The rules and regulations apply to conduct on the Library premises, including not only the building, but also the land area surrounding it, such as the front, rear and side grounds, and the sidewalks. 


  • Engage in activities associated with the use of a public library.
    • Patrons not reading, studying, attending programs, or using library materials or services may be required to leave the building. 
  • Park all motor vehicles, bicycles, scooters, etc. outside the building in designated areas.
    • The bike rack is to be used only for the temporary storage for bicycles or scooters while inside the Library during the Library’s open hours of business. 
    • Roller skates, rollerblades, and skateboards may not be used in the building or on the premises. 
  • The only modes of transportation allowed inside the building are individual devices needed by the physically handicapped, baby carriages, or strollers. 
  • There shall be no running while inside the Library. 
  • Silence electronic devices Use cell phones and other electronic devices responsibly.
    • Patrons entering Library premises are required to set their cell phone ringers to a non-audible or vibrate mode, and refrain from conversation or other loud actions, unless seeking assistance from the Librarian. 
    • In order to make or receive phone calls, patrons must go to the lobby area, or outside the Library, and keep voices at a reasonable volume, so as not to disturb other patrons. 
  • Carry and consume non-alcoholic beverages in covered containers only while inside the Library. Beverages are not allowed in computer areas or on computer tables and stands.
    • It is expected that patrons will dispose of all litter and debris in trash containers and leave table tops and chairs clean. 
  • Access those portions of the Library facility that are open for public use appropriately.
    • Adults can access the children’s and teen sections of the library, to attend programs designated for children or teens only when accompanied by a child or teen, or when the adult needs to access those collections (such as selecting library materials in those areas). 
    • Patrons can only enter those areas designated “staff only” when accompanied or directed by staff. 
  • Be responsible for their own personal belongings and/or items, including bags, electronic devices such as cellphones, tablets, laptops, etc. while on Library premises.
    • The Library cannot be held responsible for any unattended items and may use discretion as to the disposition of said unattended items, as well as discretion in contacting the proper authorities, if needed. 
  • Respect the rights of other patrons using the Library to read and study 
  • Patrons shall respect that there shall be one person per chair. 
  • Patrons shall respect that congregation around a table shall be limited to the physical chairs available for seating at that table, unless it is for short discussions (ie. a few minutes in duration).


  • Enter the Library building without wearing proper attire, including shirt and shoes.
    • If a person’s bodily hygiene or scent is so offensive as to constitute a nuisance to others, they may be asked to leave the building. 
  • Bring pets or animals into the Library building, except those used in Library programming, working animals (as defined by ADA law), or animals used by law enforcement agencies. 
  • Loiter in the Library building, Library entryway, or Library property, thereby creating a nuisance to those who are trying to enter or exit the building, or to use Library resources. 
  • Carry into or consume food while in the Library, unless part of a Library-sponsored program. The delivery of food to the Library is not allowed and will not be accepted. 
  • Leave a child under the age of 9 unattended in the Library without supervision.
    • The Library cannot serve in loco parentis (in the place of parents). 
    • Caregivers and attendants are responsible to remain available for the personal and/or special needs of those entrusted to their care. 
    • The Library cannot be responsible for any consequences of caregivers forfeiting their responsibilities. 
  • Conceal Library materials on their person, or among their belongings.
    • All Library materials or equipment being removed from the premises must be properly checked out. Library staff may inspect briefcases, handbags, and other packages to ensure compliance with Library policies. (N.J.S.A. 2C:20-14) 
    • All Library materials shall be returned in accordance with the terms of the loan. 
  • Climb on, or place their feet or shoes on furniture, sit on arms of chairs, or lay down on furniture. Move furniture without the express permission of Library staff. 
  • Destroy, injure, deface, or steal any Library materials, equipment, or property. 
  • Use the Library restrooms for anything other than their intended purposes, it being understood that such purposes do not include bathing, shaving, or washing hair. 
  • Be under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal drugs while in the Library building or on Library grounds. Possess and/or sell alcohol and/or illegal drugs while in the Library building or on Library grounds. 
  • Smoke or use tobacco, tobacco products, or vape while in the Library building or on Library grounds. 
  • Sleep while on the Library premises. 
  • Possess a weapon of any kind, or any replicas of weapons, or other dangerous objects (such guns or knives, etc), unless authorized by law enforcement, or other lawfully permitted individuals. 
  • Engage in sexual activity, contact, or assault or any act of lewdness of exposure prohibited by N.J.S.A. 2C:14-1 through 2C:14-8 and any other physical contact or sexual activity that is inappropriate in a public place;
    • Display disturbing images, including but not restricted to the display of sexually explicit materials on computers, tablets, or cell phones. The staff is authorized to determine whether a patron is disturbing others by the display of disturbing images; 
    • Engage in any behavior perceived by staff or another patron as sexual harassment or an invasion of privacy.
  • Display such behavior that can be reasonably expected to disturb other patrons, or display other unwanted attention. 
  • Take photographs or videos of anyone in the Library without their express permission; 
  • Conduct themselves in a violent or disorderly manner per N.J.S.A. 2C:33-2, which include:
    • Inhibiting the orderly use of the Library by patrons or staff, thereby causing public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm, or recklessly creating a risk; 
    • Using unreasonably loud and offensively coarse or abusive language; 
    • Engaging in unruly or disruptive conversation or conduct, including in harassing or threatening others; Obtain or attempt to obtain signatures to petition, conduct surveys or investigations, distribute printed material, solicit or do selling or fundraising of any kind, without the prior authorization of the Library Director.
  • Distribute or post unapproved or inappropriate material anywhere on Library property, including but not limited to materials commercial in nature; support of a candidate or their political campaign; lewd, vulgar, pornographic, obscene, discriminatory, or otherwise violate municipal, state and/or federal law, and are not considered protected expression under same laws.

Authority of Library Staff 

  • The Library reserves the right to inspect any package(s), bag(s), or other personal property of any staff member, or any patron at any time, upon entering or departing the Library, or while in the Library, or on the Library premises, in order to ensure compliance with these standards. 
  • Any staff may call Teaneck Police, 911, or other law enforcement, as appropriate or necessary. 
  • The Library is not responsible for personal items lost, stolen, or damaged on Library premises.

Enforcement and Implementation 

  • Individuals not abiding or violating any of these rules may be asked to leave the Library premises. Individuals refusing to leave may be arrested for trespass. 
  • Repeated disregard, severe infractions of, and/or violations of the Library Code of Conduct, may result in the suspension of Library privileges for a period of one week, one month, or permanent suspension of Library privileges, as recommended by the Library Director, and/or be subject to legal proceedings.
    • A written appeal of such revocation or suspension can be submitted to the Library Board of Trustees.
    • The Library Board of Trustees will review the appeal and their decision will be final. 

The above Code of Conduct is not intended to be a complete list of expected behavior. The Library Board, the Library Director, and Library staff reserve the right to take appropriate action against any other behavior which can reasonably be deemed to be offensive or disturbing to Library patrons or staff. In such instances, Library staff are authorized to contact the Police if deemed necessary.

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees on June 9, 2016 

Revised by the Library Board of Trustees on March 9, 2023