Code of Conduct

It is the objective of the Teaneck Public Library (the “Library”) that all patrons enjoy a safe and harmonious space when using the Library, whether for the first time or as regular members. It is also the objective of the Teaneck Public Library that all patrons shall be respectful of each other, library premises, and property.

Libraries are intended for the use of all who enter their doors. As such, Libraries have a tradition of quiet enjoyment, and an expectation of peaceful and uninterrupted use. As such, actions or behaviors that create noise, distractions, interruptions, are unsafe, or otherwise intrude on the ability to experience quiet enjoyment, deny others the ability to use this space, are unfair and prevent Library staff from providing the services necessary to function as a community place of learning and leisure.

Activities and/or behaviors that prevent patrons from quietly enjoying the Library or Library staff from performing the functions necessary to support our patrons violate the intended purpose of the Library.

Violation of the Teaneck Public Library Code of Conduct and/or any other Library policies/rules may result in a penalty up to and including removal from the premises or suspension of library card privileges.

The purpose of this policy is to express the roles and responsibilities patrons have to ensure the Library’s physical and virtual spaces are welcoming, safe, and secure. Public Library spaces are precious community assets that rely on the stewardship, mutual support, and goodwill of all.

The Teaneck Public Library builds community and enriches the quality of life throughout Teaneck by bringing together diverse people, information and ideas. Our mission is achieved in part by the willingness of patrons to respect one another and coexist in Library spaces used for multiple purposes in a diverse community.

In order to maintain an atmosphere where this mission can be accomplished, we review all situations on a case by case basis. However, as detailed herein, there are certain basic standards of conduct that are universal and will never be tolerated. Conduct prohibited by this policy includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. No person shall destroy, injure, deface, or steal any Library property.
  2. All Library material or equipment being removed from the premises must be properly checked out. No person shall purposely conceal Library materials on their persons or among their belongings. Library staff may inspect briefcases, handbags, and other packages to assure compliance with Library policies (N.J.S.A. 2C:20-14). All Library material shall be returned in accordance with the terms of the loan.
  3. While on the premises of the Library no person will conduct himself or herself in a violent or disorderly manner including, but not limited to:
    • inhibiting the orderly use of the Library by patrons or staff;
    • use of abusive, coarse, or offensive language;
    • engaging in unruly or disruptive conversation or conduct;
    • engaging in harassing, disruptive or violent conduct or threatening others;
    • any form of harassment or discrimination toward Library employees, visitors or other members of the public;
    • sleeping;
    • unauthorized or illegal possession, use or sale of alcohol or controlled
      substances on Library premises;
    • engaging in sexual activity, contact or assault or any act of lewdness or exposure prohibited by N.J.S.A. 2C: 14 through 2C: 14-8 and any other physical contact or sexual activity which is inappropriate in a public place;
    • unauthorized possession, use or sale of weapons, firearms or explosives or other illegal activity on Library premises.
  4. Loud talking and/or other sources of loud noise are not permitted.
  5. Use of any electronic devices in a manner that disturbs others is not permitted. While inside the Library, mobile devices must be set to silent or vibrate mode. Calls must be taken in the lobby or outside the building.
  6. Library furniture, equipment and materials may be used only for their intended functions. No person shall climb on or place their feet or shoes on furniture, sit on arms of chairs, or lay down on furniture. Sitting on the floor is also not permitted. Furniture shall not be moved without the express permission of Library staff.
  7. Libraries are public spaces and cannot serve in loco parentis (in place of parents). Caregivers and attendants are responsible to remain available for personal and/or special needs of those entrusted to their care. No person shall leave children under the age of 9 unattended on Library premises.
  8. No person shall smoke, carry or possess any lighted tobacco, or use any tobacco product in the Library building.
  9. Non-alcoholic beverages are permitted if they are in a secure container. Food is strictly prohibited.
  10. No person shall bring pets or animals into the Library building except those used in Library programming, service animals (as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act) or animals used by law enforcement agencies.
  11. No person shall enter the Library building without wearing proper attire, including shirt and shoes.
  12. If a person’s bodily hygiene is so offensive as to constitute a nuisance to others, they may be asked to leave the building.
  13. All motor vehicles, bicycles and scooters shall be parked outside the building in designated areas. Roller skates, rollerblades, skateboards, and hover boards may not be used in the building. The only modes of transportation allowed inside the building are baby carriages/strollers and individual devices needed by the disabled/physically handicapped.
  14. Loitering in the Library building, on Library steps, or entryway property thereby creating a nuisance to those who are trying to enter or exit the building or to use Library resources is prohibited.
  15. Patrons shall be engaged in activities associated with the use of a public library while in the building. Patrons not engaged in reading, studying, using Library materials or resources, and/or attending meetings or Library programs shall be required to leave the premises.

Violation of this Code of Conduct may result in penalty including, but not limited to, removal from the premises, suspension of a library card or criminal prosecution. Suspension of a library card for violation of these rules shall be in writing and emailed or sent to the patron’s postal address on file with the Library. A patron whose privileges have been limited, suspended or revoked may appeal to the Board of Trustees within ten days from the date of the suspension or revocation.

Adopted June 9, 2016