How to Get a Library Card

You can apply for a library card online, or by visiting the library in-person during our normal hours of operation at 840 Teaneck Road.

Library cards are offered without charge to any one who lives or owns property in Teaneck, NJ.  Patrons who wish to apply for library cards must complete a registration form with their name, address, and contact information.

A photo ID with a Teaneck address (no P.O. Box) is required for a library card. If the photo ID is up-to-date and shows the current address, then that is all that is needed to obtain a card. If the photo ID does not have a Teaneck address, the following are examples of what may be used to present their Teaneck address (one document).

Other photo IDs – passport, employee, or school ID without a Teaneck address, will require an additional document as proof of residency in Teaneck – see below.

Digital or print versions of any of the below documents would be acceptable:
● lease agreement (current);
● bank statement (within 3 months);
● utility bill (within 3 months);
● credit card bill (within 3 months);
● any piece of government-issued U.S. mail addressed to the applicant, delivered within 30 days, should be presented with the photo ID.

NJ photo ID (i.e.. NJ driver’s license) – with current Teaneck address satisfies the residency requirement for a library card.

NY photo ID (i.e.. NY driver’s license) and now lives in Teaneck – NY photo ID must be accompanied with an additional document as proof of residency – see above.

Minors (13 and older) may present their most recent report card, class schedule or progress report showing their name and Teaneck address to apply for a Teaneck Library card.

Minors (under age 13) are to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. This parent/guardian must provide a current photo ID and proof of the current Teaneck address.

The library card cannot be used to check out materials if it has $10 or more in charges or fines
on it. A person with a valid Teaneck library card may check out materials from, or use a public computer at, any library in the Bergen County Cooperative Library System.
Cardholders are financially responsible for anything checked out on their card, including overdue fines from other libraries. If the cardholder is a child, then the parent or guardian  is financially responsible for anything checked out on the child’s card. Allowing others to use one’s card is done at one’s own risk.

Babysitters/au pairs – must use their employers’ card.

Courtesy Cards
● Patrons who work in Teaneck, but do not live in a BCCLS member town, may request a courtesy card.
● A photo ID with home address must be presented with a letter from the employer on company letterhead showing employment in Teaneck, or with the latest pay stub showing the name and address of the employer.
● Courtesy cardholders are restricted to on-site use of the library materials physically located at the Teaneck Public Library only.  Courtesy Cards expire after one year.

Card Renewals
● Library cards are valid for three years and are not automatically updated in the system.
● Patrons need to physically come into the library to renew their cards with a current photo ID and proof of Teaneck address.
● For minors under age 13, a parent/guardian must be present to renew the child’s card.
● If there are blocks, or fines of $10 or more, expired cards may not be renewed.

Replacement Cards
The first replacement for a lost library card will be free. Additional replacement cards incur a fee of $1 each.

Library cards may be replaced free in these instances:
● Card is worn out from use;
● Card has been stolen;
● Card has been destroyed by an act of nature.

Lost or Stolen Cards
Cardholders should report a lost or stolen card immediately by calling or visiting the Teaneck Public Library. Staff will immediately bar the card and note the date in the comments field.
Cardholders are responsible for all items checked out on their card up to the time it is reported lost or stolen, including overdue fines or other fees.  If cardholders notice items checked out on their library account that they do not recognize, it is their responsibility to contact the Teaneck Public Library immediately.

Approved April 7, 2022