After School Behavior Expectations

The Library welcomes Library use by all students. Staff members are available to assist children with Library materials or services. However, it is not the Library’s role, nor is it equipped to provide long or short-term child care. Read more

Art Gallery Policy

The Teaneck Public Library offers gallery space for the exhibition of artwork, crafts, and collections of unique, interesting, or historically significant items. All exhibits are free and open to the public. Read more

Auditorium Policy

The Board of Trustees of the Teaneck Public Library reserves the right to limit, control and determine the conditions of any and all uses of the Library Auditorium by non-library organizations. These regulations may be changed at any time, subject to legal limitations. Read more

Code of Conduct

It is the objective of the Teaneck Public Library (the “Library”) that all patrons enjoy a safe and harmonious space when using the Library, whether for the first time or as regular members. It is also the objective of the Teaneck Public Library that all patrons shall be respectful of each other, library premises, and property. Read more

Internet and Computer Use Policy

Public access to the Internet is available to all users of the Teaneck Public Library (the “Library”) on most Library-owned computers and via a wireless connection for laptop computers and other mobile devices. Read more

Lending Policy

All materials must be returned by the date due. Most materials are charged out for 4 weeks with the exception of new books, DVDs and music CD’s, which are charged out for 2 weeks or as labeled. Read more

Unattended Child Policy

In an effort to provide a library environment that allows all patrons to utilize library materials in a safe, relaxed manner, the Teaneck Public Library Board of Trustees has adopted the following policy concerning children in the library. Read more