Auditorium Policy

I. General

1.1 Reservation of rights. The Board of Trustees of the Teaneck Public Library reserves the right to limit, control and determine the conditions of any and all uses of the Library Auditorium by non-library organizations. These regulations may be changed at any time, subject to legal limitations.

1.1a Organizations that violate the auditorium use policy will be issued a written notice informing them of the violation(s). If there is a second violation, all subsequent uses of the Library Auditorium by the offending organization will require a $100 refundable deposit, to be left with the Library at least seven (7) days prior to the scheduled event. The deposit will be returned to the organization when the Library staff ascertain that the Auditorium has been left in the condition specified in the use policy.

1.2 Limitation of use to Teaneck nonprofit organizations, as well as agencies of local, county, state and federal government. The Auditorium may be used by the Teaneck organizations in which either a significant number of its members, or a significant number of the people it serves, are Teaneck residents. As used herein, the term “significant” shall mean fifty (50) or more persons.

1.3 Events open to public; no admission charged. All meetings held in the Library’s Auditorium must be open to the public. No admission fee may be charged. Fundraising is prohibited, unless written permission is granted by the Board. 

1.4 No landlord-tenant relationship. An application and approval thereof for use of the Auditorium does not constitute a landlord-tenant relationship. Rather, it is a use permit, revocable for good cause.

1.5 Non-transferability. A use permit may not be transferred from one organization to another. Any attempt to do so will result in such permit being deemed null and void.

1.6 Single day events only. Use permits are not available for multiple days or nights; rather, they are available only for single-day or single-night events.

1.7 Custodial services required. Library custodial personnel serve as stewards of Library property and are not to be used by, or to be subject to the directives of, the applicant. A custodian must be on duty the entire time the Auditorium is occupied for the event. Other authorized Library personnel shall have free access to the Auditorium at all times, including the time the Auditorium is used by the applicant.

1.8 No smoking. Smoking is not permitted on Library premises, including the Auditorium.

1.9 Minors. If permission is granted to an organization whose members are eighteen (18) years of age or younger, at least one adult will attend the event and be responsible for their conduct. An adult must also sign the application.

1.10 Limitations on serving refreshments. Light refreshments may be brought in. Limited kitchen facilities are available. No dishes, silverware, or paper goods will be provided. All refuse must be disposed of in containers provided and the room left in an orderly condition. The Library may make available, upon request, its vacuum cleaner.

1.11 Audio/visual aids. Organizations making audio/visual presentations should provide and operate their own equipment. Equipment may be obtained from the Library, but only with advance notice, subject to availability, and fee. The organization/sponsors must provide a trained operator.

1.12 Prohibition on use of walls. No material may be attached to the walls for display purposes.

1.13 Publicity. Publicity for events must include a telephone number or other means of directly contacting the individual sponsor or organization sponsor. Library staff will not provide program information.

1.14 Strict compliance with law required. Applicants shall comply strictly with all Township ordinances and rules and regulations of the Health, Police and Fire Departments regarding public assemblies. Use of the Auditorium will be limited to the capacity approved by the Fire Department. If it is necessary to have a uniformed fireman present to enforce this safety regulation, it will be at the expense of the applicant.

1.15 Set-up and restoration. The Auditorium shall be set up “theater style,” with 75 seats (approximate). Any other seating configuration shall be the responsibility of the applicant. Custodians may not be used to move seats or furniture. Upon completion of the event, the seating configuration must be restored by the applicant to “theater style”.

II. Application Procedure

2.1 Time of application. Applications shall be made with the Library Administrative Assistant. Applications must be received no less than ten (10) business days prior to the scheduled event, to permit sufficient time to coordinate scheduling and commit the necessary Library personnel. For compelling reasons, and in the sole discretion of the Library Trustees or their designee, this time period may be waived.

2.2 Review and response.

2.2.1. Applications by an organization not previously issued a use permit shall require review and approval by the Board of Trustees. A first-time review is primarily to satisfy the Trustees that the user will guarantee orderly behavior, and that it will underwrite any damage caused by its use of the Auditorium. This specifically includes assumption of all responsibility by the applicant for the actions of its members, invitees, and other individuals using the facilities under its auspices.

2.2.2. Subsequent applications by an organization previously issued a use permit may be reviewed and approved administratively, unless the reviewing authority refers the application to the Board of Trustees, in which event the Board shall determine whether to approve the application.

2.2.3. In either event, the applicant shall be notified in writing whether the application has been approved or denied, and a denial shall state the reasons therefore.

2.3 Permissible dates and times. Events may be scheduled on the following days, and during the following hours (except on holidays, or when the Library is closed):

Monday – Thursday:       9:30 AM – 8:30 PM

Friday:                                9:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Saturday:                           9:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Note: Events held on weekdays between 9:30 AM – 3 PM are limited to 20 attendees, due to parking constraints.

2.4 Certificate of Insurance. A condition of approval of a use permit is that the applicant provide a certificate of insurance with liability coverage acceptable to the Library, and which specifically holds the Teaneck Library, its agents, and employees harmless from liability for injury or damage to any person or property of any person, on Library premises. The certificate of insurance shall be presented to the Library Administrative Assistant at least three work days in advance of the day of the event.

2.5 Indemnification and “Hold Harmless” Agreement. Notwithstanding applicant providing liability insurance coverage (as evidenced by a certificate of insurance), applicant shall agree to indemnify the Library from any damage arising from its occupancy of the Auditorium or the Library property. The Library shall not be held responsible for loss or damage to any property owned by users of the Auditorium.

2.5.1. The condition of the Auditorium shall be checked by an authorized employee of the Library, and the condition of the premises with particular respect to any damage or shortage shall be noted in writing. Payment for any such damage or shortage shall be made by the individuals (jointly and severally) and/or the organization sponsoring the event if the damage or shortage cannot be attributed to anyone else, and the organization shall be barred from further use of the Auditorium until such payment is made.

2.6 Bases for denying application. An application may be denied for the following reasons:

  1. Jeopardizing the building or exceeding its capacity. If, in the judgment of the Trustees or their designated administrator, the safety of the building or occupants will be adversely affected.
  2. Competing Library function or organization with a preference. If there is a competing Library function or if, in the judgment of the Trustees or their designated administrator, there is a competing organization with a preference, as hereinafter set forth and no viable alternative to its use of the Auditorium.
  3. Non-payment of fees, breach of law or Library rules and regulations. If the applicant has not paid any of the fees required herein or violates any law, or violates any rule, regulation or condition governing the use of the Auditorium.
  4. Other bases for denial. Such other reasons may be compelling in the interests of the Library and its patrons, and in the judgment of the Trustees. Applicant shall, however, be given the opportunity to be present at a meeting of the Library Board of Trustees at which the application shall be the subject of deliberation and to present any arguments in support of the application.

III. Scheduling Preferences

In the event more than one qualified applicant applies for the same date and time, preferences shall be given, as hereinafter set forth. All scheduling is subject to the discretion of the Library Director.

3.1 Preferences

The use of the Library Auditorium shall be available to Teaneck organizations, subject to the following priorities:

  1. Groups supervised by or affiliated with the library. The Teaneck Public Library, Friends of the Teaneck Public Library and Library-sponsored programs.
  2. Official government (federal, state and local) agencies, boards committees and Teaneck public school groups.
  3. Local branches of clubs, of federal or state, charitable, and religious groups.
  4. Local lodges or chapters or national fraternal organizations, in addition to county organizations or social groups having a 51% proportionate share of Teaneck residents as members, may be permitted to use the rooms, if available.
  5. Civic, political organizations.

IV. Fees

4.1 Custodial fee. All event sponsors shall pay a custodial fee of $50.00, payable at the time of application. Groups in Priority 1 and 2 under Preferences are exempt from the fee.

4.2 Rental fee: For organizations in groups 3, 4, and 5, there shall be a rental fee of $50.00 per hour, payable at the time of application.  

4.3 Mode of payment. Custodial fees and Rental Fees described in 4.1 and 4.2 must be paid by check, payable to the Township of Teaneck, and must be received no later than ten (10) calendar days prior to planned usage. Failure to receive full payment, in advance, of those fees payable in advance, automatically nullifies the application.

4.4 No other form of remuneration to be paid to staff. Organizations using the Auditorium are not permitted to compensate any member of the Library staff for any services.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Teaneck Public Library on September 8, 1994. 

Revised, November 9, 2006.

Revised, April 7, 2022.


Application for Use of the Auditorium