Friends of the Library

Membership Application Form

The Friends of the Teaneck Public Library has played a significant role in the development of the Library and its facilities and programs. We invite you to join us in continuing this work. You will be contributing your efforts to the growth of an outstanding institution, enjoy working with new friends from our diverse community who have the same goals, increase your knowledge of interesting subjects and enrich the lives of others from children to senior citizens.

The Friends Groups was formed in 1979 by people from every segment of the town. Friends have done a lot since then:

  • Friends were influential in gaining support for the renovation and expansion which doubled the usable space in 1980. This also gained the re-use of the auditorium, which is available to the community and is the site of concerts, lectures, films and training, etc.
  • Friends have acquired items including a concert piano, movie projectors, a projection video system for a movie-size screen, auditorium curtains and carpet for the auditorium and reference, furniture for the lounge area and children’s room, the signage system, large-type books for the visually impaired, display fixtures, a business computer, just to name a few.
  • Friends have sponsored programs of all kinds on a regular basis, such as film festivals, concerts, lectures.

Today, the Friends is an influential organization of more than 1300 members who are growing as they help the community. The Friends will continue their work:

  • Making people aware of the Library, its special resources, services and needs.
  • Support the Library in its contacts with the public and government. It is a voice for continued improvement and growth.
  • Sponsoring programs and assisting where needed in the library’s programming.
  • Providing the Library with services and materials it cannot include in its regular budget.